Why was ground force Cancelled?

The series was cancelled in 2005. Describing its cancellation, BBC Director-General Mark Thompson said that the series was “reaching the end of its natural life” and that “the public do get very cross when they see the BBC flogging a dead horse”. At its peak, the series attracted 12 million viewers.

Why did Alan Titchmarsh leave ground force?

Mr Titchmarsh – who also presents BBC2’s Gardener’s World – said that, although he has enjoyed making the programme, he felt the time was right to bow out while it was still performing well. ‘I hope to give a lot of people a lot of fun but I don’t want to watch my own programmes,’ he said.

Who used to be on groundforce?

The BBC garden makeover show changed the face of TV gardening and contributed to the decking sales boom. Ground Force was the most popular garden makeover series of its time, and now as it approaches its 20th anniversary, famed gardener Charlie Dimmock isn’t ruling out a return.

Who worked with Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock?

Running for a whopping 12 series between 1997 and 2005, Ground Force saw the team trying to transform a rubbish garden into a backdoor paradise in just two days. Supreme horticulture expert Alan Titchmarsh, fellow green-fingered maestro Charlie Dimmock and celebrity builder Tommy Walsh became famous almost overnight.

Why are the rich brothers leaving Garden Rescue?

I was supposed to be going to Australia in a month to get married. My fiancée is over there now.” Despite the Rich Brothers’ popularity, in 2021 it was announced that the experts would be leaving Garden Rescue to make way for new horticulture pros to have their time on the show.

What illness has Tommy Walsh had?

Cancer doesn’t wait so we mustn’t wait to report worrying symptoms”. Tommy Walsh, TV personality who features in the NHS campaign having recovered from throat cancer, said: “I went to my GP about an unrelated issue and while I was there, he discovered this lump in my throat that he was a bit concerned about.

Are Charlie Dimmock and Alan Titchmarsh still friends?

Alan has since gone on to enjoy TV fame in his own shows, such as How to be a Gardener, Songs of Praise and The Nature of Britain. But it seems that the former co-presenters remain firm friends despite all the years passing by since the popular BBC show finished.

Did Charlie leave Garden Rescue?

Thank you for subscribing! Charlie Dimmock was left exasperated by a couple’s massive wish list on hit garden transformation show, Garden Rescue. Today’s show featured couple John and Helen from Port Talbot, who wanted five brand new features added to their new garden.

Why was Alan Titchmarsh dropped from the Chelsea Flower Show?

Titchmarsh stepped down from the show after the BBC decided to revamp the way it covers the flagship Royal Horticultural Society event, marking the end of the presenter’s long association with the corporation.

How old is Tommy from Clean It, Fix It?

Clean It, Fix It star Tommy Walsh is best known for his building expertise. Appearing on shows such as Ground Force and Challenge Tommy Walsh, the 64-year-old has become a household name.

What are the rich brothers doing now 2022?

More recently, they’ve set up their own website showcasing their own personal garden they’ve been working on at Harry’s property Ty Gardd, located in Brecon, Wales, which has seen them transform a secluded courtyard area in the garden. You can read more about their project at Ty Gardd here.

Who draws the designs on Garden Rescue?

Enter Garden Rescue, the BBC’s hit daytime cultivation show that usually sees award-winning garden designers Charlie Dimmock, Arit Anderson and the Rich brothers compete to create backyard showpieces for some lucky homeowners.

Who was the builder with Alan Titchmarsh?

We all know Tommy Walsh as the cheeky cockney builder on Ground Force – but it wasn’t always smiles off-camera. Building expert Tommy, who is back on our screens in new series Clean it, Fix It, once had an awkward clash with Alan Titchmarsh that “got a bit hairy”.

Are any of the Rich brothers married?

Harry Rich, 32, shares a stone cottage in rural Wales with his wife, Sue, and his six-month-old daughter, Indigo. David Rich, 29, lives with his fiancée, Tamara, in a flat in Homerton, east London, close to the brothers’ Shoreditch landscape gardening business, Rich Landscapes. Where are you now?

Can you hire the Rich brothers?

It turns out that the Rich Brothers, who starred on the show alongside Charlie Dimmock until 2021, run a business alongside their presenting roles on the hit BBC show, and so are available to hire for all landscape design dreams out there!

Is arid Anderson married?

Yes, Arit is married to husband Scott. And while she’s never shared snaps of her husband to her Instagram page, she did reveal back in 2021 that he’s been supporting her throughout lockdown and lent a helping hand during filming in their expansive garden.

What does Tommy Walsh do now?

Since then, Tommy has continued to work on TV as well as running his own building business and writing DIY books. More recently, he has been back on the BBC with Clean It, Fix It and has become a presenter on popular property show, Homes Under the Hammer.

Is Tommy Walsh doing homes under the hammer?

Jacqui Joseph and Tommy Walsh are joining the Homes under the Hammer presenting team alongside Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin and Martell Maxwell. Both Jacqui and Tommy bring with them backgrounds in design and building, on and off screen and are known for presenting home improvement formats.

Does Charlie Dimmock have any family?

Who is Charlie Dimmock? Charlotte Elouise Dimmock was born on 10th August 1966 in Romsey, Hampshire. She is the only child of Terry, a merchant seaman, and Sue, who ran her own clothes shop. The TV personality grew up in the New Forest and often enjoyed playing outside with her friends as a child.

What happened to Frances tophill?

She currently lives in Exeter and shares her home with an adorable rescue dog named Rua.

Who left Garden Rescue?

It’s been a while since Harry and David Rich stepped away from Garden Rescue, and now the gardening duo – better known as the Rich Brothers – have shared a huge update on their new horticultural project.

Are the Rich brothers twins?

They were identical twin brothers and, up until the death of David in 2021, had joint business interests primarily in media, retail and property. The Sunday Times Rich List of 2020 estimated their wealth at £7 billion.

Where is tonight’s Love Your Garden filmed?

An ITV programme hosted by Alan Titchmarsh is to be filmed in a Suffolk village. Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden will be filmed in Great Cornard near Sudbury between Monday, April 25 and Thursday, April 28. During the programme, Titchmarsh will help a resident transform their garden into a stunning outdoor space.

Where is enjoy your weekend filmed?

Alan Titchmarsh Manor Farm, Hampshire.

Is Chelsea Flower Show on telly?

Chelsea Flower Show coverage will be exclusively shown across the BBC’s two TV channels – BBC One and BBC Two.

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