Where is Scott McGillivray’s own cottage?

With his own vacation property located just south of the Highlands in Kawartha Lakes, McGillivray appreciates and loves the beauty of the area and has featured the Highlands before. “It’s nice to stay kind of close to where I am doing properties,” he said.

Who is in the HGTV Vacation House Rules?

Scott McGillivray is a man of supreme real estate talent. He’s also, it seems, a man of many looks. We know him best as a renovation and real estate guru — host of HGTV’s Vacation House Rules — but he’s also a father of two, a husband and, most importantly, an avid fan of #ThrowbackThursday.

Where is the HGTV show Vacation House Rules filmed?

As for where “Vacation House Rules” is filmed, it has featured a number of locations in the Ontario, Canada area over the course of its first two seasons. The areas include Haliburton Highlands, Muskoka, Trent Lakes, and Wasaga Beach.

Where is Scott from Vacation House Rules from?

McGillivray was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He is married to Sabrina McGillivray with two daughters. The family divides their time between residences in Toronto, Ontario, and Fort Myers, Florida.

How much did Scott pay for his vacation property?

It’s a big job: there are three cottages, a boathouse, a playhouse and a vacant lot to redo – all on a $600,000 budget! Check back in each week to see even more stunning photos as the renovations continue. Watch the special 4-part series, Scott’s Vacation House Rules on the Global TV App and on STACKTV.

Who is the woman on Scott’s Vacation House Rules?

Get to know Debra Salmoni, Scott McGillivray’s stylish sidekick on Scott’s Vacation House Rules and Scott’s Own Vacation House, and the owner and principle designer of Debra Lillian Design. This Ontario native may live and breathe design, but it’s her pursuits and passions off-screen that truly define her.

Where is Vacation House Rules filmed 2022?

So, we’ve got the answer for you: “Vacation House Rules” is filmed in and around Ontario, Canada.

Is Debra on Vacation House Rules married?

Dave Salmoni, whom Debra married in 2015, is a Canadian animal trainer and entertainer whose hosting credits include the animal-themed TV documentaries Living With Tigers, Rogue Nature, After the Attack, Into the Pride. And as he has told TV viewers, he’s had some close calls with lions in the wild and in captivity.

What happened to the show Vacation House Rules?

Vacation House Rules is coming back for a second season on HGTV next month with Scott McGillivray returning as host. There were eight episodes in season one and 13 episodes have been ordered for season two. HGTV revealed more about the return of the series in a press release.

How many episodes are there of Vacation House Rules?

Episodes (13) A couple’s waterfront vacation home has been empty for years. Wanting to generate some serious rental income, they bring in contractor Scott McGillivray and designer Debra Salmoni to turn their neglected property into a lake lover’s dream.

How many homes does Scott McGillivray own?

It was his talent as a carpenter that landed him his first TV job, working on designer Debbie Travis’ Facelift. Today, McGillivray, 37, has more than 100 rental properties, many of them multi-units, including 15 in Guelph.

What has happened to Scott McGillivray?

McGillivray recently teamed up with a Canadian bank and has been keeping busy executive producing and starring in his own web series called Scott’s House Call, now in its fourth season, in which he helps fans with a problem in exchange for a home-cooked meal (think Dijon salmon, moussaka, and hamburger cupcakes).

What lake is Scott’s own vacation house located?

Hastings, Ontario, Lake Ontario, Kawarthas Renovated on the HGTV Canada show “Income Property: On Vacation” with Scott McGillivray.

What are the 5 Vacation House Rules?

  • Do Your Research. There are more than 4.8 billion Internet users, according to Internet Live Stats.
  • Plan Your Design. If you’re driving to a new place & have no directions, you’re going to get lost.
  • Get Noticed.
  • Get Your Hands Dirty.
  • Be Your Guest.

Was Income Property Cancelled?

The show Income Property is no longer on the air, but that doesn’t mean the 41-year-old show host disappeared completely. He’s still giving great advice and looking good in his native Canada while simultaneously enjoying the millions he made both on television and with some smart investments.

Who is the designer on Scott’s vacation house?

Designer Debra Salmoni of HGTV’s Scott’s Vacation House Rules shares some of the stories from the filming of the third season of the hit show.

Do they keep the furniture on restored?

As is the case for most HGTV shows, the clients don’t typically get to keep the furniture or decorations. Their budget usually only allots for renovations. According to former Fixer Upper client Jaime Ferguson, the clients can pick what they want to keep at the end, but it’s an added cost.

Where is Vacation House Rules beach retreat?

Featured on Episode 2 of HGTV’s Scott’s Vacation House Rules is a beach-front West Lake cottage in need of help. This family cottage dwells in Prince Edward County where the popular Sandbanks beaches attract tourists with its golden sand and shimmering water.

How much is Scott McGillivray worth 2021?

As previewed by The Australian Financial Review, Seven has decided to revive My Kitchen Rules and sister reno show House Rules, which will be rebadged as Apartment Rules, after resting the formats in 2021 following disastrous ratings in 2020.

Who is Dave Salmoni married to?

He married HGTV personality, Debra Salmoni, in 2015. They have two children, son Thomas (born 2015), and daughter Elizabeth (born 2017).

Did House rules get Cancelled?

HGTV has announced that a new season of Vacation House Rules premieres on Friday, April 15, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Popular contractor and real estate expert Scott McGillivray proves that homeowners DON’T need a million bucks to own the vacation home of their dreams in the HGTV series Vacation House Rules.

Is Vacation House Rules coming back to HGTV?

Scott’s casting call for Vacation House Rules reveals the show’s filming location: Applicants must be located in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Where is Scott’s own vacation house filmed?

Debra Salmoni – Owner & Lead Designer – DebraLillianDesign | LinkedIn.

Who is Deborah salmoni?

Four Season Funhouse Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni step in to help them update their boring …

Is there a season 4 of Vacation House Rules?

In 2020, some of the Vacation House Rules filming locations included Haliburton Highlands, Muskoka and Wasaga Beach as per The Cinemaholic. Season 2 is set to feature homes described as being on the “lakefront”, “offering a bird’s-eye view of the lake”, and on “the waterfront”.

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