What is the most common colonial-style?

1. British Colonial Styles. The most common type of colonial architecture in the USA is British colonial architecture which makes since given the US was a British Colony for approximately 200 years. There are several sub-styles that quality as British colonial architecture.

What did a typical colonial kitchen look like?

Tapping into styles from the 17th and 18th centuries, a colonial kitchen is an example of early American classic kitchen design. These kitchens use white cabinetry, understated paint colors, exposed brick walls and natural wood flooring.

What is a center hall colonial?

This is a style of home that was popular when European settlers arrived in the New World. Typically, there is a hall leading from the front door down the center of the home. Then, there are two rooms to the left and two rooms to the right in a center hall colonial floor plan.

What is colonial style kitchen cabinets?

Modern Colonial kitchens are a far cry from traditional 18th century kitchens but they still evoke a sense of permanence, strength, and warmth. Colonial kitchens focus on function with simple form, durable furniture and cabinetry, and plenty of seating for the entire family.

What is a colonial kitchen?

A colonial style kitchen is foremost defined by a large brick fireplace, historically used for cooking. Colonial fireplaces generally opened into the kitchen with a floor-level stone hearth and were topped by a large mantle.

What is a colonial kitchen sink?

World Famous Kitchen Sink® Two whole bananas, six scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, toppings of chocolate, pineapple and strawberry, covered with whipped cream, toasted almonds and a cherry.

What is modern Colonial?

These homes commonly feature upscale crown molding, detailed fireplaces, and formal entryways. The layout of modern Colonial homes creates plenty of space for large families to reside in, often with four upstairs bedrooms and finished basements that offer additional space to host guests and recreational rooms.

What is a center hall?

In American Colonial architecture, the floor plan of a house usually having two rooms symmetrically situated on each side of a centrally located hallway; a stair in the hallway leading to the loft space above. Essentially a hall-and-parlor plan with a hallway separating the two rooms.

What are the characteristics of a colonial house?

  • Simple, traditional design.
  • Plain exteriors with minimal embellishments.
  • Built with wood, brick or stone according to the region and time period.
  • Rectangular and symmetrical in shape.
  • Central door.
  • Often features symmetrical front entrance columns.

What is Colonial interior design?

Colonial interiors are characterized by grand entrance halls, polished wood floors, simplified paint and wallpaper palettes, and light approach to millwork and wainscoting.

What role did the hearth fireplace play in early colonial kitchen and home life?

The hearth and fireplace were the center of family life for most early American homes. A carefully tended wood fire created heat to warm the house and prepare meals. The practice of cooking on a hearth was basic to 18th and early 19th century America.

What is a second kitchen called?

A work-in pantry, or “prep kitchen,” is a second, usually smaller kitchen that’s hidden away around the corner from or behind the main kitchen. This second kitchen is sometimes called a “butler’s pantry.” The main kitchen has cupboards, counters, a sink and all or most of the major kitchen appliances.

Did colonial houses have kitchens?

Most of the kitchens during the colonial period were separate buildings located in the back of the main house. The kitchen was usually built thirty to fifty feet away from the main house. The purpose of this was two-fold. The kitchen generated a tremendous amount of heat that was undesirable during the warmer months.

What utensils did colonists use?

Prior to the American Revolution, most Americans ate with spoons made from shell, horn, wood or gourds. Sharp knives, also used as weapons, were initially used less to cut meat, than to anchor it down while people tore off a piece with their hands and shoved it into their mouths.

What color were colonial houses?

Classic colonial paint colors include modest earth tone colors such as white, creamy yellow, almond, ochre, reddish brown, dark brown, beige, taupe and muted green. These colors were common because the pigments for the dyes came from natural resources such as plants, soil and minerals.

What makes a house a Colonial Revival?

Colonial Revival is essentially a mixture of styles, all uniquely American. Varied roof forms such as gabled, hipped, and gambrel signify the style’s diversity, allowing a greater degree of adaptation when remodeling than more rigidly defined styles.

How can I decorate my Colonial home?

Soft and muted neutral tones are the best colors for Colonial-style homes. Pale peaches, pinks, soft blues, greens, yellows, and browns can create the sense of understated elegance associated with stately Colonial homes. Drawing from the history of Colonial home design can aid in choosing colors today.

What are Colonial colors?

In the colonial style, we are familiar with colors sourced from ochre, umber, and sienna. In different quantities and ratios, these can become brown, burnt orange, tawny red and pink, rich tan, and yellow. From copper, blue and green shades are mixed.

What is the difference between a Cape Cod and a Colonial?

The roof says it all when it comes to Cape Cod and Dutch Colonial houses. The Cape Cod house has a gabled roof, which means the roof has two sloping sides that meet at a ridge. In the case of the Dutch Colonial house, the roof has a gambrel roof: There are two sides and each side has two slopes.

What is a saltbox Colonial?

It is a Colonial style of architecture which originated in New England. Saltboxes are frame houses with two stories in front and one in back, having a pitched roof with unequal sides, being short and high in front and long and low in back. The front of the house is flat and the rear roof line is steeply sloped.

What is a medieval hall house?

Hall houses were built for Yeoman farmers across England between the 13th and 16th centuries. The basic layout consisted of a central hall with an open hearth ventilated via a hole in the roof. Layout varied – some hall houses had a two-storey wing at one end, while others had a two-storey wing at both ends.

What is double pile house?

A pile is a row of rooms: a single-pile house is therefore one with a single row of rooms; a double-pile house is two rooms deep, sometimes, but not always, with a corridor between the two rows.

What were the 3 most popular architectural styles of the colonial period?

Under construction for more than two centuries, the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral is a mixture of three styles that predominated during the colonial era: Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassic.

What is a modern colonial home?

This style has an asymmetrical façade, small windows, and rectangular shutters and is built on one floor of wood. source: homelight.com. Colonial-style houses are famous for their classic architecture where we can find some common features such as it has brick or wood facades, a fireplace and has two to three stories.

What is colonial style furniture?

Definition of colonial furniture : furniture made in the American colonies before the end of the Revolution and largely influenced by contemporary European styles (as the Queen Anne and Georgian) but having some indigenous features (as greater variety in woods and more extensive use of turnings)

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