What does the Illinois Inspector General do?

The Inspector General investigates allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, misconduct, and related violations of the law involving individuals employed by or doing business with the Attorney General’s Office.

How long is a contractor liable for work in Illinois?

Illinois law empowers design and construction claims to be brought for as many as 14 years. With the right set of facts and circumstances, anyway. Sure, shorter time periods sometimes apply. Many design and construction claims are subject to a 4 year statute of limitation in Illinois.

How to file a complaint against a contractor in Illinois?

You can do this by calling the Illinois Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. Contact your local village hall or township to find out if there is a license requirement and if there have been any complaints made about the companies you might use.

How much can a contractor ask for upfront in Illinois?

“A construction contract may provide for the withholding of retainage of up to 10% of any payment made prior to the completion of 50% of the contract.” For the first half of the project, retainage can be withheld up to 10%.

How do I go about remodeling my house?

If you’re interested in a home remodeling career, you’ll need to attend a vocational school or community college to learn the skills required for the trade. Individuals can pursue a diploma, certificate, or associate’s degree in home remodeling.

What is deceptive practice Illinois?

A person commits a deceptive practice when, with intent to defraud, the person does any of the following: (a) He or she causes another, by deception or threat, to execute a document disposing of property or a document by which a pecuniary obligation is incurred.

What is the Illinois Prompt Payment Act?

(the “Prompt Payment Act”), if a payment is not made to a vendor within 90 days of receipt of a proper invoice, an interest penalty of 1% of any unpaid amount will accrue for each month or, on a prorated basis, each fraction thereof that such payment is delayed after such 90-day period.

Where is the best place to file a complaint?

File a complaint with your local consumer protection office or the state agency that regulates the company. Notify the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your area about your problem. The BBB tries to resolve your complaints against companies.

What are the three Illinois consumer protection agencies?

The work of the Division is carried out by the following bureaus: Consumer Fraud Bureau, Charitable Trust Bureau, Franchise Bureau, Health Care Bureau, and Military and Veterans Rights Bureau.

Should I pay a contractor 50% up front?

As the homeowner who is commissioning the project, it’s reasonable to withhold at least 10% as your final payment. Avoid paying in full upfront, and definitely avoid paying anything before the contractor has evaluated the project in person.

Should you pay a contractor before or after the job is done?

Payment Should Be Tied to Milestones That means that any payment made to the contractor after the initial deposit must be in relation to how much work is completed but always make sure you “hold back” 10% on invoices to be paid at the very end of the job when all items are complete.

What is the safest way to pay a contractor?

Paying through a credit card is usually the safest and the most effective way of paying your contractor. You can organize your credit card payments into convenient installments through direct deposit. It also provides more substantial proof that you’ve paid your contractor how much and when.

What is the difference between remodeling and renovation?

However, for professionals working in one or more of these industries, these terms actually entail two very different things. Essentially, the difference between them is that a renovation refers to restoring something to a previous state, while a remodel refers to creating something new.

When remodeling What should you do first?

Start With Design and Planning One of the first considerations is to be sure that you have funding for your renovation. Draw up a simple “yes/no” list of do-it-yourself projects and projects you want professionals to do. Look for contractors and subcontractors for those jobs you do not want to do yourself.

What comes first in a home renovation?

This is why experts agree that choosing to remodel your kitchen or bathroom first is traditionally the smartest move. And while kitchens typically cost more to remodel than bathrooms, they tend to yield a better return on investment, so they end up paying for themselves over the long run.

Can you sue someone for deception?

It is difficult to bring a claim in deceit, as the claimant must show that the defendant has made: A representation which is false and dishonestly made and intended to be and is relied on and the claimant suffers damage as a result.

Can you go to jail for bouncing a check Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, it’s possible to go to jail for writing a bad check. The crime of doing so falls under “financial institution fraud,” and it’s punishable by time in jail or in prison.

How long does a contractor have to pay a subcontractor in Illinois?

A contractor, who refuses to make prompt payment within 10 business days or 15 calendar days, whichever occurs earlier, after receiving payment, in whole or in part, shall provide to the subcontractor or material supplier and the public owner or its agent, a written notice of that refusal.

What type of payments are subject to the Prompt Payment clause?

The federal Prompt Payment Act states that the government agency must pay the prime contractor on a construction project no later than 14 days after receiving an invoice for a progress payment. The final payment, including retainage, must be paid within 30 days after receiving an invoice.

How long does the government have to pay an invoice?

If the agency takes the discount, it must pay according to the discount terms. If the agency does not take the discount, it must pay within 30 days of receiving a proper invoice, unless the agency uses an accelerated payment.

What are the most common complaints?

  • Telephone and mobile services. Consumer complaints included charges for calls to toll-free numbers, unauthorized switching of services (slamming), and misleading prepaid phone card offers.
  • Foreign money offers and counterfeit check scams.
  • Internet auctions.

Does filing a complaint with the FCC do anything?

Complaints may be shared among FCC bureaus and offices for further review and possible investigation. By filing a consumer complaint with the FCC, you contribute to federal enforcement and consumer protection efforts on a national scale and help us identify trends and track the issues that matter most.

How do you write a complaint example?

  1. I’m afraid I’ve got a complaint about your child. He’s too noisy .
  2. I’m afraid there is a slight problem with the service in this hotel.
  3. Excuse me but you are standing on my foot.
  4. I want to complain about the noise you are making.
  5. I’m angry about the way you treat me.

How do I file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Act?

A complaint can be filed in form of writing or online via govt. Provided portal @ https://consumerhelpline.gov.in/ or through mobile apps launched by the government of India like NCH app, Umang app or Consumer app.

What is one thing the government as it enforces consumer protection regulations?

The Federal government oversees antitrust law and consumer protection through the Federal Trade Commission which inspects complaints of scams and fraud against businesses. States use a variety of agencies and statutes to enforce consumer protection, expanding on the Federal law in many areas.

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