Was there a bathroom in Anne Frank’s house?

The people in hiding got the hot water for their Saturday baths from the office kitchen. Anne took her tub to the office staff’s toilet. The people in hiding did their laundry in the office kitchen as well.

How did Anne Frank see her new home?

How does Anne see her new home in Section 1? She sees it as a temporary place and she draws a diagram. How is the entrance to the “Secret Annex” hidden? There is a bookcase in front of the attic door.

Did Anne Frank live in an attic or an annex?

Living in hiding in the Secret Annex When Anne’s sister Margot received a call-up for a labour camp in Germany, the Frank family, who lived elsewhere in Amsterdam, decided to go into hiding in the annex of the business premises immediately. They would live there mainly on the second and third floor.

What happens on the stairs at the Anne Frank House?

‘They come upstairs every day and talk to the men about business and politics, to the women about food and wartime difficulties and to the children about books and newspapers. They put on their most cheerful expressions, bring flowers and gifts for birthdays and holidays and are always ready to do what they can.

Was there a bathroom in the Secret Annex?

In the morning Hermann van Pels got up, put the kettle on, and went to the bathroom. After fifteen minutes, the bathroom was free again and it was Fritz Pfeffer’s turn. Anne got up and removed the blackout screens from the windows. The people in hiding took turns using the bathroom.

Was Anne Frank alone in the attic?

‘I go up to the loft almost every morning to let the stuffy indoor air blow out of my lungs’, Anne wrote on 23 February 1944. The attic was the only place where she could be alone for a while or talk to Peter undisturbed. Other than that, the people in hiding used the room mainly for storage purposes.

Why is Anne Frank House empty?

After the arrest of the people in hiding, the annexe is emptied by order of the Nazi occupier. When the Secret Annexe becomes a museum in 1960, Otto Frank insists the rooms remain empty. The empty house symbolizes the void left behind by the millions of people who were deported and never returned.

How many bedrooms were in the Secret Annex?

The annex had four small rooms. Otto, Edith, and their eldest daughter Margot shared one room.

What punishment do Anne and her family receive for not turning themselves in voluntarily?

Answer and Explanation: After Anne Frank and the others that were hiding were discovered, they were arrested and sent to a camp called Westerbork as a punishment for not turning themselves in directly.

How was Anne Frank House saved from demolition?

Saved from demolition A committee of prominent citizens of Amsterdam took the initiative to save the building where Anne had written her diary from demolition.

Why was Anne so mad at Mr Dussel?

Why is Anne so upset to hear from Mr. Dussel that Jopie de Waal is gone? She knows that Jopie and her family have been taken by the Nazis. Which fact about the setting is most difficult for Mr.

What is special about Anne Frank House?

The Anne Frank House develops educational programmes and products, based on Anne’s life story. The material inspires young people from around the world and links into their lives. In the life of Anne Frank, antisemitism, prejudice, unequal treatment, and the denial of human rights played an important role.

Can you go upstairs in the Anne Frank House?

Part of the Anne Frank House is located in an Amsterdam canal-side house. The stairs in these old houses are very steep and there is no elevator. People who have difficulty walking and visitors using a wheelchair can only visit the modern part of the museum.

How long has the Anne Frank House been closed?

June 3, 2021 — After being closed for almost six months in a row, the Anne Frank House reopens its doors on Saturday, 5 June 2021 – like many other museums in the Netherlands.

How many flights of stairs is in the Anne Frank House?

In the middle of Peter’s small room, there is a pinewood 12-step flight of stairs. It leads to the attic.

What language was forbidden in the Secret Annex?

Most of the the adults of the Secret Annex, particularly the males, would probably have some knowledge of Hebrew. Yet, they would not have access to books written in that language. The Nazi occupation would have been thorough in disposing of books written in Hebrew.

Does the Anne Frank House still exist?

The house is inhabited and therefore not open to the public. The Anne Frank House acquired the house in 2017 and lets it to the Dutch Foundation for Literature, which invites a new ‘refugee writer’ to live there every year.

Was Anne Frank’s house bombed?

July 1943. Anne Frank heard the bombardment, as the Secret Annex was only a few miles away. On 19 July 1943, she wrote: ‘North Amsterdam was very heavily bombed on Sunday. There was apparently a great deal of destruction.

What did they use to cover the entrance of the annex?

A veritable hiding place In August 1942, he built a hinged bookcase to conceal the entrance to the Secret Annex. The hiding place of the Frank family and the others was kept secret until 4 August 1944, the day they were all arrested. ‘Our hiding place has now become a true hiding place. ‘

Why did Anne Frank share a room with the dentist?

In hiding and afterwards Pfeffer’s medical degree was valuable to the two families, as they could not contact a doctor while in hiding. Margot Frank moved into a room with her parents to allow Pfeffer to share a small room with Anne, beginning what would become a torturous relationship for both.

Did Willem van Maaren betray the Franks?

Willem van Maaren was the traitor. In 1947, Otto Frank and the helpers filed a complaint against him with the political police on suspicion of betrayal. However, the investigation did not prove his guilt. Van Maaren fought the accusations and rejected a settlement. The Subdistrict Court dismissed the complaint.

What happened to the Franks when they were found?

Following their arrest, the Franks were transported to concentration camps. On 1 November 1944, Anne and her sister, Margot, were transferred from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they died (probably of typhus) a few months later.

Why were the Germans thinking about flooding Amsterdam?

Why were the Germans thinking about flooding Amsterdam? To prevent an ally invasion. What did Anne conclude about her parents’ marriage? Her mother loves her father, but doesn’t think that love is returned.

What event made Mrs Frank threaten to put the Van Daans out on the street?

Mrs. Frank threatened to kick out the Van Daans because she saw Mr. Van Daan stealing the hiders food rations in the middle of the night.

How big was Anne Frank’s attic?

Anne Frank’s Annex was only 450 square feet. In that space, eight people hid from the Nazis for two years: Anne Frank, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Margot Frank, Hermann van Pels, Auguste van Pels, Peter van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer.

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