Is a wet bar a good idea?

A wet bar can be very helpful if you entertain away from your normal kitchen area. For instance, if you like to have drinks during a party in a finished basement, you won’t have to run upstairs to rinse out a pitcher. You can also have a wet bar on a deck or patio if you enjoy entertaining outside.

How do you modernize a wet bar?

  1. Update your cabinets.
  2. Replace old storage with open shelves.
  3. Add a TV as an entertainment bonus.
  4. Create a space that works for you.

What can I do with outdated wet bar?

  1. Desk.
  2. Built-in Storage.
  3. Snack Station.
  4. Wine Bar.
  5. Bookcase/Shelving.
  6. Reading Nook.
  7. TV Area.
  8. Modern-Day Wet Bar.

Does a wet bar add value to a home?

This unique addition could also boost your home’s value Expanding on the conversation piece aspect, a wet bar is exactly the kind of bell and whistle that many modern home buyers are looking for.

Are wet bars still popular?

Wet bars have become more popular if you entertain in an area away from your kitchen, such as a home theatre or basement retreat. Nobody wants to run upstairs to make another batch of frozen margaritas or to wash out the pitcher for a different cocktail request.

What’s the purpose of a wet bar?

What Is a Wet Bar? A wet bar is a designated space where you can make alcoholic drinks for guests while entertaining in-home. Its name comes from the fact that a wet bar always has a sink. This sink allows for easy clean-up without having to retreat to your kitchen sink, and it can also act as a makeshift ice bucket.

How do you hide a wet bar?

Use a hanging mechanism that makes it easy to pull the curtains open, and install hooks on the corners of the wet bar to loop the curtains off to the side when the bar is in use. A trifold screen arranged around the bar, blocking it from view in the rest of the room, is also an option.

What’s the difference between a dry bar and a wet bar?

It’s an area within your home, typically with a large counter or bar, where you can prepare drinks and store your various types of liquors, drinks, and mixers. A wet-bar is what it sounds like. Essentially, a wet-bar has a sink with running water. A dry bar only has a place where you can prepare drinks and no sink.

When were wet bars popular?

When they were popular in the 1950s and ’60s, wet bars featured mirrors, a sink, lots of shelf space for bottles and shot glasses, and dark wood cabinets. With the light colors being used in today’s homes, the old bar can easily look out of place.

What renovations add the most value to your home?

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are the most popular home improvement projects. You can expect to recover 75% of your investment (according to the Appraisal Institute of Canada).

How much does it cost to install a wet bar?

Wet Bar Cost A full wet bar costs $6,000 to $22,500 or more. Wet bars include a sink and plumbing, which provides for at least cold water and a drain. You can put a wet bar anywhere you can plumb a line in.

Is a wet bar considered a kitchen?

Wet bar means a serving counter in a dwelling or lodging unit that is equipped with small single compartment sink that is not a part of a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.”

Can a wet bar have a microwave?

Yep, a kitchen needs to have the means to help someone store, prepare or cook food. The additions of options like a mini-fridge, toaster oven or microwave can at the very least turn your wet barn into a kitchenette.

How deep should a wet bar be?

It should be large enough to fit a sink and fixtures but not so deep you can’t reach to the back. Typically a bar top that is a minimum of 18 inches deep works well, but you can extend this to 20 to 24 inches to allow more space for larger sinks and fixtures.

Should I put a wet bar in the basement?

A small basement might not be ideal for a dry or wet bar. Take note that a basement bar should enhance the space and not impede it. With that said, installing a bar in the basement might not be ideal if it disrupts the walking space in the area.

What is a home bar called?

Home bars, also known as wet bars, are built to have fun and enjoy drinks with friends and family without leaving the comfort of home. Home bars could be built in any place or area in the house whether it’s in the kitchen or basement.

How big should a wet bar sink be?

Also Known As: Wet-bar sink, entertainment sink. Distinctive Features: A small sink, measuring around 15-25″ long, 15″ wide, 5-6″ deep, often round or square and made of either stainless steel or copper. Designed for home bar or entertaining areas or for use as an extra sink in a large kitchen.

What is the difference between a wet bar and a kitchenette?

Both wet bars and kitchenettes simplify storing, preparing, and serving food or drinks of all types while entertaining guests. The main difference is that a wet bar is typically used solely for drink preparation, while a kitchenette allows for the preparation of both drinks and food.

Why do you need a sink in a wet bar?

Having a sink in your bar means you’ll not only be able to rinse glasses between mixing drinks, you’ll also be better equipped to handle spills and cleanup.

How do you make a hidden bar at home?

Why do you need a sink in a bar?

Bar sinks are very convenient for meal prep, which is why they are also commonly called prep sinks. They provide a place to get water for cooking as well as a place to wash your hands or quickly rinse mixing bowls or measuring utensils while you are cooking.

How long do drybar blowouts last?

How long does a blowout from Drybar last? A blowout can hold its shape for anywhere from three to five days (but note that if you got curls or waves, those could fall more flat within two days or so).

How do you install a wet bar?

  1. Check for level. Lay a straight 2×4 on the floor where the cabinets will sit.
  2. Snap a chalk line.
  3. Find the studs in the wall.
  4. Cut an opening for pipes.
  5. Install the first cabinet.
  6. Install the next cabinet.
  7. Complete cabinet installation.
  8. Add finish.

Where should I place my home bar?

A home bar – kept hidden behind closed doors – is particularly useful in a small kitchen or dining room, as it can be used to store all the things you need in one place, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pretty. Use metal backsplash ideas to create a space that is truly dazzling.

Why do basements have bars?

Believe it or not, the basement bars that you recognize from the ’70s trace their roots all the way back to the Victorian Era’s tea carts. These carts, handy for parlor socializing, later evolved into what we know today as the bar cart.

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