How do you modernize a French country house?

  1. Pick light fixtures with a patina finish.
  2. Embrace a clean, yet organic look for your backsplash.
  3. Install hardwoods with character.
  4. Mix unique vintage pieces with timeless silhouettes.

Is French country out of style?

French country decor ideas are steeped in tradition. ‘French country style never really goes out of style; it is timeless.

What is modern French country style?

What is French Country Design? Characterized by classically country textures—peeling paint, rough-hewn wood, artisan ceramics, and antiques—this style emanates a simple sophistication that’s comfortable, not fussy, with soft, sun-bleached textiles, functional dining spaces, and bright, inviting bathrooms.

What is the difference between French country and farmhouse decor?

“French country embodies a soft, airy, feminine, and refined elegance,” Richardson says. “Farmhouse embodies a cleaner look, more defined lines, and has a more casual style.” Hello, subway tile and shiplap all day, every day.

What are French country kitchen colors?

French country-style kitchens can be rich and bright with colors like gold, deep red and olive, or neutral with granite countertops, furniture-like cabinetry and wood floors.

What are the key elements of French country design?

  • Exposed wooden ceiling beams.
  • Natural stone, wood, or brick floors.
  • Weathered appearance.

What’s the difference between shabby chic and French country?

Shabby chic furniture is more geometrical in shape. Square and rectangle shaped tables, beds and cupboards. Shabby chic furniture is more fashion oriented; meanwhile the French furniture has a conventional and classic appeal.

Can I mix French country with modern?

Stick to a simple colour palette of one or two colours and paint both the ceiling and walls in the same hue. The reason the French Country and Modern works so well comes down to conflict and contrast. Where French Country is soft and rustic, Modern is fresh and sleek. Where French Country is warm, Modern is cool.

How do I decorate my home country style French?

What does a typical kitchen in France look like?

French kitchens boast large stone or parquet or terracotta floors. French kitchens almost always have a breakfast table in one corner or another. French kitchens have flowing drapes. French kitchens host big pieces of furniture as their cupboards; large buffets, wood tables, long wood work tables.

What is French country kitchen?

‘A typical French country kitchen is rustic but always chic. Using a mixture of organic materials, old and new furniture and exposed stone, creates a convivial and warm feeling. A perfect place for preparing typical French cuisine,’ says Tom Howley, design director at Tom Howley (opens in new tab).

What are French provincial colors?

French provincial style is representative of Provence region atmosphere : the sun, the countryside landscapes and the special scents. To get a Provincial home decor, you’ll have to mix typical colors, prints and pieces of this beautiful part of France. Ocher, olive-green and lavender blue are the 3 colors to use.

Can you mix French country with modern farmhouse?

16. Mix It Up. Lauren Vandiver combined two of our favorite styles, French country and modern farmhouse, into her living space, proving that mixing and matching different looks can most certainly be done in a stylish manner. Once again, we love the presence of the gold ornate mirror on the wall.

What is considered French country style?

French-country style combines European elegance with rustic comforts. Using soothing hues, soft patterns, and antique accents, the popular decorating aesthetic creates an inviting look that’s both polished and lived-in. Use these charming ideas to incorporate French-country decor into your home.

Does shiplap go with French country?

If your home is cottage, country, Cape Cod, farmhouse, beach style, or french country, shiplap may be perfect for you. If, however, your home is traditional, contemporary, southwest, or any number of other styles, you should do your research before installing shiplap, which may end up looking out-of-place or tacky.

How do I make my kitchen a French country?

Instead of an island, opt for a bonus surface space that can function as both a dining table and a prep counter. Wrought iron window frames (with matching pendants), metal grate cabinets, distressed paint, and wicker chairs all contribute to a French country feel.

What is modern French farmhouse style?

This style often features soft and muted colors, natural materials like raw wood and stone, plaster walls, wooden beams and floral and botanical motifs. A French farmhouse plays upon the contrast of dramatic details like carefully crafted dining room tables or exquisite chandeliers against a rustic farmhouse setting.

What makes a country kitchen?

Country kitchen style employs a focus on natural materials and fine craftsmanship in an effort to create a warm and comfortable kitchen design where guests will feel welcome and want to spend plenty of time.

What is French country interior?

French country is a creative interior style that combines the elegance of antique French décor with the spontaneous coziness and natural focus of country settings. An irresistible mix between sophistication and a humbler rustic feeling, in other words.

What is the difference between Hamptons style and French provincial?

But a closer look reveals Hamptons kitchens embracing their coastal cool with fresh airy space, light and bright colours. While French Provincial kitchens on the other hand are all about warm, rustic sophistication with deeper tones.

Is French provincial furniture out of style?

French Provincial design is especially popular today because it’s a softer, more elegant take on minimal or rustic farmhouse decor. Plus, you won’t be rushing to replace it in a few years because it’s a classic we don’t see going out of style anytime soon.

What’s the difference between French provincial and French country?

According to this article, “French Country” is a catch-all term, but it can split into even more specific categories, with French Provincial being the more elegant style and Country french being more rustic.

What is a French farmhouse called?

Fermette/Ferme: A ferme is a farm, a rural farmhouse, usually with outbuildings. A fermette is a small ferme or farmhouse in the countryside.

Is French country out of style 2022?

French country style is never out of fashion; it’s timeless.

Can you use black in French country decor?

Modern French country style usually incorporates black tones too, but if you’re going for a more classic French country style like me, opt for less black tones. If you want to incorporate some dark tones that align with French country style, opt for dark gray tones.

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