Does Lance Bass live in the Brady Bunch house?

Lance Bass is living out his Brady Bunch dreams! A year after the former *NSYNC star was outbid by HGTV to purchase the house, whose iconic facade served as the exterior of the Brady family home on the hit sitcom, Bass was welcomed inside the newly renovated Studio City, California residence.

Who bought the remodeled Brady Bunch house?

I’m excited to share that HGTV is the winning bidder and will restore the Brady Bunch home to its 1970s glory as only HGTV can. We’ll bring all the resources to bear to tell safe, fun stories with this beloved piece of American TV history” (per CNN).

Why did they renovate the Brady house?

The goal was to recreate the groovy 1970s interior of the sitcom’s set within the house that had been only used for exterior shots. “A Very Brady Renovation is the programming event of the year that Brady Bunch and HGTV superfans have been waiting for,” said HGTV president Jane Latman in the network’s announcement.

What are they doing with the Brady Bunch house?

Does HGTV still own the Brady house?

Although it initially looked like NSYNC singer Lance Bass would be the new homeowner in August 2018, HGTV ultimately bought The Brady Bunch house for $3.5 million.

Can you go inside the Brady Bunch house?

The Brady Bunch house Yes, you can go by the house that was used for all the establishing shots of the beloved Brady home. It is the original house that’s also at the heart of “A Very Brady Renovation.”

How many bathrooms did The Brady Bunch have?

Londelius built a spacious house at 11222 Dilling St. in Studio City that featured all the latest Modern trappings: two bedrooms and three bathrooms arranged over a generous 2,500-square-foot split-level structure with a shake roof, cathedral ceilings and generous helpings of Palos Verde stone.

Is the Brady Bunch house a split-level?

The Iconic House from The Brady Bunch Is Now on the Market for the First Time in 45 Years. The late 1950s, split-level ranch home the Brady family called home on the 1970s sitcom The Brady Bunch has hit the market for the first time in 45 years for $1.885 million.

Was The Brady Bunch filmed in a real house?

Although The Brady Bunch was filmed on Stage 5, the ’70s show used an actual home’s exterior to set the scene for viewers—though the cast never stepped foot inside of it until recently. Through the years, it’s become known as The Brady Bunch house, located at 11222 Dilling Street in Studio City, California.

Did Mike Brady design the Brady house?

Six kids, two children’s bedrooms connected by a bathroom. Many critics of The Brady Bunch have through the years asked why in the world did Mike Brady, a talented architect, design a house for his newly expanded family when he knew that he needed enough bedrooms for six kids.

Is the Brady Bunch house for sale?

The iconic Brady Bunch house in Studio City, California sold for almost twice its asking price, thanks to the entry of HGTV into the bidding wars. The Los Angeles Times reports the sale of the home at 11222 Dilling Street closed Friday at $3.5 million, or $1.6 million more than the listing price of $1.885 million.

How much did The Brady Bunch cast make?

At the peak of the show’s run, each child actor received a salary of $1,100 per week. The cast members do not benefit significantly from the show’s ongoing syndication success.

Who owns the Brady house now?

HGTV wasn’t the only interested party in the house — NSYNC singer Lance Bass wanted to buy it, too. But the network obviously knew how much they had to gain from the nostalgia factor, because they ultimately won the bid and bought the property for $3.5 million.

How do I stay in the Brady house?

You have to submit a 30-to-90-second video on by September 11 explaining why you should win “the ultimate Brady fan prize.” The winner will get to stay in the house from December 9 to December 15, 2019, and will receive round-trip airfare to Los Angeles, a tour of Los Angeles, and $25,000 in cash.

Did The Brady Bunch really go to the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon or Bust is the second episode of Season 3 of The Brady Bunch, and the 51st overall episode of the series. Written by Tam Spiva and directed by Oscar Rudolph, it first aired 24 September 1971 on ABC. It is part two of a three-part story. It was mostly filmed on location at the Grand Canyon.

Why did The Brady Bunch bathroom not have a toilet?

And for a room so important, you’d think a hyper-realistic set would be crucial — but it didn’t have a toilet! Back in the ’70’s, when the Brady Bunch first aired, networks considered it crude to show a toilet bowl on screen, so they simply did without it.

What was missing in the Brady kids shared bathroom?

The episode in question shockingly aired a decade before The Brady Bunch even made its debut. The script for the 1957 episode included Leave It to Beaver’s main characters keeping their pet alligator in a toilet tank. But they weren’t allowed to show a toilet on TV, according to the Standards and Practices department.

What was Mike Brady’s real name?

But the man who played Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch, Robert Reed, had a real life that was not as picture perfect. Reed kept it a secret that he was gay until he died in 1992. While the cause of his death was cancer, his death certificate indicated that he was also infected with HIV.

Was the Brady Bunch house used in Mannix?

Both shows shared the famous Brady house as a setting. That show was Mannix, a detective series that ran from 1967-1975 and featured a handful of episodes that were also set in what most of us recognize as The Brady Bunch home from 1969-1974.

What color was the Brady Bunch house?

Colors set the mood This episode is all about the colors that give the house (and kitchen in particular) its signature Brady look. That’s right, we’re talking about bright orange and avocado green! The pressure is on because it’s important to get these colors right.

What state did The Brady Bunch live in?

Although no city was ever specified, it was presumed from references to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Los Angeles Rams, and a Hollywood movie studio, among many others, that the Bradys lived in Southern California, most likely Los Angeles or one of its suburbs.

Why did Brady Bunch get Cancelled?

The reason for the cancellation of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Actually, the reason for its demise was a lot simpler than that. As Schwartz revealed, it came down simply to contracts and money. “At the end of five years,” Schwartz said, “that’s all our initial contract called for. You then have to renegotiate with everybody.

Did Mrs Brady have a job?

Although she chooses to be a stay-at-home mom, she is anything but a housewife. She’s a freelance writer, a sculptor, a political activist, and a singer. She also organizes plays and PTA events while keeping dinner on the table.

Who has passed away from The Brady Bunch?

Family patriarch Robert Reed passed away in 1992. Florence Henderson died in November 2016 and Ann B. Davis passed in 2014. But every Brady Bunch cast member who is still living agreed to join in the journey of renovating the former Brady Bunch house along with HGTV even though they were all leading busy lives.

Where did Alice from The Brady Bunch sleep?

She was a part of the family, sleeping at the Brady house and accompanying the family on vacations.

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