Can you renovate a split level?

The unique floor plan and exterior of a split-level home often makes it difficult to make large changes when renovating, but with good planning and flexibility, you can transform your vintage 50s place into a modern-feeling, friendly gathering place.

How do you modernize a split level home?

  1. Replace and add windows. Small windows can make a home look dated.
  2. Add a skylight or solar tubes. Bring in some light from above too!
  3. Go for custom mirrors.
  4. Install custom lighting.
  5. Use light paint colors.
  6. Remove walls.

What is a colonial split?

What Is a Split-Level House? Unlike somewhat ambiguously-named house styles like Cape Cod, colonial, or craftsman, split-level homes deliver exactly what they advertised: a house with staggered levels. These houses have three or more levels, which are connected with short flights of stairs.

What is the difference between a split level and a split foyer?

What is the point of a split-level house?

For families, a split-level home offers greater separation of space than an open floor plan. This reduces the probability of noise traveling between rooms and allows for more privacy.

Are split-level homes mid century modern?

Within the mid-century modern architectural style is the unique house form known as split-level—it’s usually designed similarly to a ranch or contemporary style but in the split-level configuration.

Why were split-level homes built?

Why did they build split-level homes? Split-level homes gained popularity in the 1960s because they were budget-friendly, trendy and perfect for small, sloped plots of land that were very common in suburbs.

How do you increase curb appeal in split-level home?

Boosting the Curb Appeal for Your Split-Level Home Try planting tall trees next to the house to help make it appear more balanced. You can also use cascading plants to soften the transitions between levels, making the exterior look less choppy and more appealing.

Can you add another floor to a split-level home?

You can put an addition on your split-level home, making it more spacious and ideal for you and your family.

Is a split level considered a basement?

A split-level home typically has only half of a basement. However, it’s possible to have basement space under the lower level as well. Raising the second level invariably creates room below the bedrooms for a basement or other rooms.

What’s the difference between a ranch and a colonial?

On a per square foot basis, colonials tend to be the least expensive floor plan type. In general, it is less expensive to stack square footage. Roofs and basements are expensive parts of a house. A ranch floor plan is a single story structure with all the bedrooms on the first floor.

What are the pros and cons of a split-level home?

  • Split levels offered larger houses without taking up extra yard space.
  • Exterior steps can be a hindrance.
  • Split level homes are a great fit for steep and sloping lots.
  • Life in a split level involves a lot of indoor climbing.
  • Staggered floors make for a quiet home office.

What is it called when a house is split in two?

A duplex house plan has two living units attached to each other, either next to each other as townhouses, condominiums or above each other like apartments.

What are the disadvantages of a split level house?

  • Lots of Stairs. No matter how much variation there is between split-level homes, one common characteristic is the number of stairs.
  • Limitations for Remodeling.
  • Broken Up Entertaining Space.
  • Uneven House Lot.
  • Perception of Being Outdated.
  • Possibly Difficult to Sell.

What architectural style is a split level?

A split-level home (also called a bi-level home or tri-level home) is a style of house in which the floor levels are staggered. There are typically two short sets of stairs, one running upward to a bedroom level, and one going downward toward a basement area.

Should I buy a split-level home?

Buying a split-level house can get you great value for your home buying dollar in the current market. There is no shortage of homes built in the 60s or 70s, so you can likely find an affordable option that makes for a great investment.

What is a raised ranch vs split-level?

Technically speaking, a split-level has more than 2 levels, usually with staggered half-story changes between them. While a raised ranch has two levels, the lower level sunken below grade and an entry at grade halfway between the two floor levels.

How do you level a split-level floor?

What is a quad level house?

A quad house is a house attached on 2 consecutive or perpendicular sides to 2 other houses, each one with private and direct entrance via their front or side garden. When facing any of the four sides of the group, they appear to be semi-detached houses.

Is it cheaper to build up or out?

In most areas, building outwards is significantly cheaper than trying to build upward. This is because building upward requires more labor, more materials, several permits, as well as the help of a structural engineer.

Is adding a second story worth it?

Adding a second story to your house can be an expensive endeavor. You will most likely have to live elsewhere during construction and the entire project could take over six months. However, if you have the means, a second story could significantly increase the square footage and value of your home.

Does a split level basement count as square footage?

So, in a split-level or bi-level style dwelling, any levels that are partially below grade are not included in the GLA. In this situation, it doesn’t normally matter whether or not the partially below grade area can be used as usable square footage.

What is a garrison Colonial?

The garrison colonial house is representative. It is rectangular with two stories. The distinguishing characteristic is the 2nd-story overhang in the front. According to legend, the original houses in this style were blockhouses that were built by the early colonists to defend against the Indians.

Do colonial style houses have basements?

Most colonial style homes have a basement, and if unfinished it is an excellent way to later improve the value of the home. Colonial homes can have lots of square footage, but it is usually broken into distinct rooms, in contrast to a “great room” west coast style home.

What is the difference between a Cape Cod and a colonial?

The roof says it all when it comes to Cape Cod and Dutch Colonial houses. The Cape Cod house has a gabled roof, which means the roof has two sloping sides that meet at a ridge. In the case of the Dutch Colonial house, the roof has a gambrel roof: There are two sides and each side has two slopes.

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