Are old Breyer horses worth anything?

These can sell from $300 to upwards of $600 dollars each. Certain vintage pieces have sold for up to $3500! A good resource for establishing the age, rarity, and even identity of your models is the website

How do you reshape a Breyer Horse?

What is the 2022 Breyer Horse of the Year?

2022 BreyerFest Celebration Horse – Nikolas Small but mighty is a phrase this super-star pony takes to heart. Nikolas, affectionately known as Niko, is a German Riding Pony that is making a name for himself in the dressage arena.

Can I glue together a Breyer Horse?

Article and photos by Kristen Cermele. Even with Breyer horses being tough enough to handle most adventures, it sometimes happens: after a particularly rough day or a nosedive off the shelf, your model has lost a leg! Luckily, as long as you have the leg on hand, you can re-attach it at home with just a few easy steps.

What kind of paint is used on Breyer Horses?

Breyer produces prototype models which are painted in acrylics — not the airbrushed paints used for the final product. While the final product will be molded in translucent white material, these prototypes don’t have any white markings painted on.

How do you paint plastic model horses?

What is the rarest Breyer?

This brand has been involved in creating exciting molds of horses and animals for over 65 years and counting. A dappled sabino buckskin Alborozo model was purchased for a whopping $22,000 at the 2008 Breyerfest, making it the most expensive Breyer Horse in history.

What is the most popular Breyer horse?

1. Breyer Misty & Stormy Model & Book Set. “Misty of Chincoteague ” is a must-read in any horse lover’s life, and Breyer brings the story to life with models of both Misty and her foal, Stormy.

What is the oldest Breyer horse?

Its first model horse, the # 57 Western Horse, made its appearance in 1950. It was a special order for the F.W. Woolworth Company, made to adorn a mantelpiece clock.

What is the theme for BreyerFest 2023?

Whether you joined us in-person in Kentucky or online from anywhere in the world, BreyerFest: Prost! was a weekend to remember. Of course, one of our traditional “last hurrahs” of BreyerFest weekend is to announce next year’s theme – get those wheels turning now for BreyerFest 2023: Driving Forward.

What is BreyerFest?

BreyerFest® is Breyer Animal Creations®’ annual celebration of horses – a fabulous family festival that combined the excitement of a horse fair with model horse activities!

Are there real horses at BreyerFest?

It’s no surprise horses are at the center of all the BreyerFest fun! With your ticket to BreyerFest you not only get access to some amazing models, but you get to meet the real ones that inspired them!

How do you customize Breyers?

  1. Set Your Goal.
  2. Select Your Model.
  3. Prep Your Model.
  4. Apply Primer.
  5. Apply a Base Coat.
  6. Layer, and Keep on Layering.
  7. Add Black Points.
  8. Paint the Eyes.

How do you fix a warped Breyer leg?

Bent/Warped Legs: If your Original Finish model isn’t standing squarely you can use heat to fix those warped legs. The easiest method is to soak the offending leg in very hot tap water for roughly forty-five seconds for an adult model.

How do you fix a Breyer horse’s ear?

Battered and broken ears are a disappointing blemish on a cherished model, but fixing them is easier than one might imagine. Although there are many repair methods, I find the easiest solutions are often best. For fixing ears, a simple combination of baking soda and Zap-A-Gap® glue are all you need.

Are all Breyers hand painted?

Every Breyer model is hand-painted, most beginning from a white base, requiring multiple layers of paint that create the richness of depth and color only Breyer delivers. Just like real horses, no two Breyer models are exactly alike.

Are Breyer horses good quality?

If you have never held a Breyer Horse in your hands, the quality and attention to detail on these models might surprise you. They are beautifully made and incredibly solid and sturdy. Because they are so solid and sturdy, Breyers make a great toy for kids to enjoy.

How do you prepare a Breyer horse for painting?

How do you pastel a model horse?

How do you paint Breyer eyes?

How do you paint a black model horse?

How can you tell if a Breyer horse is chalky?

Most chalkies were painted over non-white, often brightly colored plastic, and while it is not always obvious, checking any rubbed areas can help identify these models. If a suspected chalky does not have any rubs, the bottom of the hooves are a good place to check.

How many different Breyer horses are there?

There are 18 different horses to collect, including the special golden “Treasure” horse! This item ships blind, meaning you cannot choose which surprise model you’ll get!

Are Breyer horses made in China?

Model horses are sold through independent distributors and the Breyer website. While Breyer products were originally manufactured in the United States, production now takes place in China.

What is the smallest Breyer?

Mini Whinnies, introduced in 2005, are the smallest scale of Breyer model horses at 1 1/2″ high for adults and 1″ for foals (1:64 scale). Originally produced by Creata Winner’s Choice and sculpted by Candance Liddy, they are aimed at young collectors and usually sold in easy-to-carry packages and play sets.

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