Bathroom Remodeling Denver

Bathroom Remodeling

Alongside kitchen, your bathroom is the room most prone to wear and tear due to frequent use. Remodeling a bathroom can take longer than remodeling other rooms and can also be more costly, if not planned in advance and in detail. Based on the style you choose, we can design and build your bathroom oasis, while staying within budget.

Before any work is done, ask yourself what kind of bathroom you want and need? Do you want a modern bathroom with a host of smart appliances to enhance the functionality of the space? Or do you want a relaxing oasis where you could enjoy a luxurious bath at the end of a stressful day? Maybe you are growing more concerned about your home’s effect on the environment, so you wish your bathroom to be more environmentally-friendly. There are many options to consider, but luckily, bathroom remodeling professionals at Denver Remodel Group are glad to guide you through them and help you make the best decision.

Depending on your needs and wishes, you can remodel only part of your bathroom or give your bathroom a complete design makeover. With our room additions Denver service, we are able to expand your existing bathroom to accommodate a home sauna system or we can design and build an additional bathroom. Every design we make is aimed at enhancing the interior and curb appeal of your home, as well as its overall functionality. If you already have ideas about what you want your bathroom to look like, our team is sure to include them in the final design. Our goal is to give you a bathroom that will make your everyday routine sensational!

When you think about the design, bear in mind that your bathroom is used both by you and your family on the one hand, and your friends on the other. Often the most flexible design option is a contemporary, clutter-free design, although more and more homeowners have started to covet earth tones and nature-like décor. Moreover, others wish for furniture-style cabinetry or floral bathtubs. Bathroom designers have had their hands full with reinventing the contemporary bathroom, with a whole host of exciting designs to choose from. Designers at Denver Remodel Group keep up with the latest trends and are there to suggest the most attractive options.

Regardless of whether you choose a modern, traditional or any other design, your bathroom has to be clean, healthy and durable. That is why our team at Denver Remodel Group makes it a priority to select only the best quality materials and products, ranging from tiles and cabinetry to fixtures and fittings. Not only will our designers recommend the trendiest materials, but also the most durable. Our staff can also suggest energy-saving fixtures and appliances that will not only reduce your utility bills, but make your bathroom cleaner and healthier. Even details such as grout can make a significant difference. Properly applied grout will ensure your bathroom remains resistant to mold, while striking grout colors is becoming more popular as a design element.

At Denver Remodel Group, you are sure to get outstanding customer service and smooth project management from beginning to end. Even though bathroom renovation can be a long process, depending on the scope of the project, we make it a priority to finish the job on time. Additionally, you will be regularly informed of the progress and will know exactly what work was done and when.

We are especially proud of being able to deliver an excellent service and stay within our customers’ budget. We don’t cut corners but instead collaborate with local suppliers, which enables us to use only top-quality bathroom materials and products without straining our customers’ finances.