About Us

About Us

Denver Remodel Group specializes in residential remodeling and home renovation. We have been developing a relationship of trust and loyalty with Denver homeowners and have firmly established ourselves as the premier home remodeling company in Denver. Over the years, we have given Denver homes fresh modern looks their owners could be proud of. By transforming parts of a home into more functional and contemporary spaces, we have also enabled their owners to enjoy their home more.

Innovative Designers Guide You Through Your Remodeling Project

Our skilled designers closely follow our clients’ wishes and requirements so as to best understand what they want their dream home to look like. The team also walks the client through the project step by step so the client is fully aware of the changes that will be made to their home. By being innovative professionals, our designers always manage to merge the clients’ wishes with realistic construction solutions.

Custom Design In Accordance with the Latest Industry Standards and Requirements

As a trustworthy Denver home remodeling company, we obtain all the necessary permits for your remodeling or additions project. Our goal is to give our clients modern and sustainable homes that will remain beautiful and functional for years to come. The reliability of our company is reflected in the reliability of our services, which is why we combine creativity and innovation with construction standards and requirements.

Rely on Our Team to Make an Accurate and Comprehensive Cost Estimate

Our professional team always gives you an honest and accurate cost estimate before the project begins. With this information, all our clients are able to plan their budget accordingly. Denver Remodel Group has helped numerous homeowners prioritize their remodeling projects and determine the type and scope of the project that fits their budget. Owing to our excellent relationship with suppliers, we are able to provide quality materials and products at highly affordable rates. Our goal is to give our clients the home of their dreams, and this is why we are proud to be able to do so with different budgets.

We make it a priority to offer an accurate cost estimate of the whole project in advance, and especially to predict all possible problems that might result in additional costs. With a clear picture of the scope of the project and all realistic costs, our clients are able to plan their budget properly. Most often, the whole project goes without a hitch, so the client doesn’t have to spend the money allocated for unforeseen costs. We are proud to provide impeccable services while always staying within budget.

Our Project Managers Make Sure Each Project Goes Smoothly

At Denver Remodel Group, we pride ourselves on the individual approach we have towards each and every client. To be able to give each client our full attention, our experienced Project Management team handles each project from beginning to end. The clients can expect a smooth process with minimum inconvenience. Our clients can go about their everyday activities almost as if no remodeling is being done. Our remodeling team is always well coordinated by our project management, so the client can have them around at the time most convenient for them. In turn, our team will always arrive on time and do an outstanding job within the agreed time frame.